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October 10, 2007

Miracle Horse Rescue has been involved in an attempt to raise funds for the rescue of two PMU percheron mares in Canada. There are many horses everywhere who need rescue, but unfortunately MHR has limited funds and limited space and we are unable to rescue all we would like.

However, a few days ago Stephanie Pierce, founder of MHR, received compelling email from another rescue group that is attempting to rescue mares (many pregnant) and stallions from a former PMU ranch in Canada. This ranch is very close to the new slaughterhouse in Canada and the owner is shutting down operations. Those horses not adopted will be sent to auction, and if not purchased there, they will be sent to slaughter. From the initial plea from the rescue:

"PMU ranches have always used a lot of draft horses in the barns. There were several reasons for this. Larger horses tend to produce more urine, they are quieter natured, and worked out well in the barns. ...Most are purebred horses, just lacking their papers. There are a lot of pregnant mares, a few foals and several geldings that are trained to drive."

MHR has been aware and concerned about the plight of PMU horses for quite some time. Stephanie has always wanted to help these horses, and when this particular very effective plea from a fellow rescue organization crossed Stephanie's desk, she acted.

For the past several days, Stephanie has been attempting to secure funding for the rescue of two mares. We have targeted two in particular, Jerri and Nellie. Both of these girls are older, Jerri born in 1999 and Nellie in 1990. After watching and reading about the horses at MHR, we know that these are not old horses by any means, but the average potential adopter may not realize that an 8 year old horse or even a 17 year old horse has many healthy years left. These two girls seemed in particular danger. Others, of course, are also in danger, which is utterly devastating, but we do what we can do.

As it turns out, there is an internet group called The Blessed Broodmare Project which is also involved in this particular rescue. We are working together and also trying to secure other private funding for this rescue attempt.

If we are successful, we anticipate that Jerri and Nellie will arrive at MHR around Christmas time. And then...if either or both are pregnant, we will have babies in approximately May of 2008!

Donations to help this effort can be made on the MHR donation page. Please be sure to indicate PMU Mares on your check, credit card or PayPal donation.

UPDATE: December 25, 2007

Not all PMU mares have found homes as yet. MHR was asked to take on one more mare and we agreed. So, please meet Apple! Apple is a Belgian mare, born in 1999. She was used in a PMU barn and now that the ranch is no longer in the PMU business, the rancher is looking to place the mares. Apple is halterbroke, but has not had much human contact.

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She spent the spring and summer in the pasture with a stallion, so she is probably in foal with a projected due date of May 2008.

We do not know yet when the three mares will be arriving, but we are looking forward to it!

Update: January 17, 2008

They have arrived safely! They are absolutely beautiful. There was a little adventure getting them from the trailer to their pens, but it was accomplished (eventually).

Thank you all for your support. You have done a wonderful thing for these girls. By the way, they have not as yet been tested, but they certainly do appear to be in foal.

Please check the new MHR Blog for the latest updates.


Buy handmade jewelry in support of Nellie, Jerri and Apple.


Update: March 20, 2008

Joseph and NellieOn Thursday, March 20, 2008, Nellie and her precious unborn foal, LiL Angel, were euthanized. Nellie was unable to stand after emergency surgery for a severe case of sand colic.

Thank you to the compassionate readers of this page, the MHR blog, the faithful FOBs at ABR, the magnificent souls of TIBBP, and the doctors and staff at Desert Pine Equine Center.

We all tried so very hard, but we came into Nellie's life too late.

She came so far...

Rest in peace, sweet Nellie and lovely baby, Li'l Angel, destined to be an angel from the start.

We want to broadcast the story of Nellie and Lil Angel far and wide and we ask your help to accomplish this. Please tell her story. Please let everyone know how these thousands of horses have been abused for so many years and how they pay the price for our comfort.

Also in support of this effort, we ask you to consider purchasing bracelets made in Nellie and Lil Angel's honor. They are only $5 each and can be purchased at Cloud's Country Store .


Update: May 1, 2008

We are waiting for our upcoming BIG events at MHR. Both Jerri and Apple are in foal and are getting very close to their delivery times. We expect that Jerri will be the first to foal. Watch for daily updates at the MHR Blog or be an eyewitness on our marestare camera.

Readers of the ABR Forum and/or the MHR Blog already know, but for those of you who do not, we have a delightful surprise for you: We have recently learned that our dear sweet Nellie was the mother of Jerri! It is thrilling news for us to know that Nellie will live on in the about-to-arrive foal. In honor of this, names have been selected for the forthcoming foal: Nellie's Dream (Dreamer) if a colt; Nellie's Hope (Hope) if a filly.





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